Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The result are out!! check it out!

Welcome to Voice Ensemble!!!
Name: Admin No. Section Assigned School

Kau Shi Pei 072488Y Sop 1 SCL

Tan Shuee 073475K Sop 1 SHS

Tan Yuan Li Jenna 075282M Sop 1 SHS

Pat Yi Qing 072401E Sop 1 SIT

Yoa Hui Ying Kelly 072946K Sop 2 SBM

Karen Teo 072845D Sop 2 SCL

Cao Lei 070021F Sop 2 SEG

Sheng Li Ping 070465N Sop 2 SEG

Lim Rui Yi 075344R Sop 2 SHS

Cheryl Chia 071763M Sop 2 SIT

Joey Teo 063067P Sop 2 SIT

Vanessa Edward 072120Y Sop 2 SIT

Htoo Mon Baw Swe 073767U Alto 1 SEG

Myat Chann Nyein Su 073754N Alto 1 SEG

Sheryl Tan 074912X Alto 1 SEG

Leandra Quek 073476D Alto 1 SIT

Peh Ru Feng 071027M Alto 1 SIT

Lu Yi Xi 070464Y Alto 2 SEG

Wang Shu Yue 060505F Alto 2 SHS

Melissa Wong 062217R Alto 2 SIT

Gerald Chua 072913M Tenor 1 SCL

Matthias Soh 063209T Tenor 1 SDN

Zhou Shuai Xun 070969D Tenor 1 SIT

Joshua Tan 072133B Tenor 2 SBM

Seah Wan Hin 070395Y Tenor 2 SHS

Hilary David Teo 073388P Bass 1 SBM

Jeffrey Leong Tuck Seng 070648Y Bass 1 SHS

Poh Zhi Hao, Jason 071647S Bass 2 SIT

thank you you all for coming to the audition cum orientation. hope you guys enjoy yrself with us and also with the others.

we will have a practice this coming monday.
we hope to see you on this coming monday,
date : 30th April.

time : 7.00pm - 10.00 pm.
venue : E 309, block E

UpComing Events:
May: lunch time concert
June : Camp

You can also bring along your friends to join us this monday if they haven't join Voice Ensemble. see you!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Club Crawl 07

- Soprano - Alto - Tenor - Bass -
Come join us! A bunch of fun loving singers as we embarked a journey through Choral Singing! =)

Date: 18th and 19th April 2007
Time: 11am - 4pm
Venue: NYP Sports Hall

Come visit our booth and sign up!
Catch our ensemble's performance at 3.15pm on 18th April!