Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sectional practice.

hi peeps!
Start from July, we will start our sectional practice from next week onwards.
the attendance is compulsory. so please come to practice k!
Every Monday practice will also be as usual.
hope to see you guys on every Monday and Wednesday !
Please remind your friend to come to practice also.
see ya!
sectional practice.
Time: Every Wednesday, 3.30pm-5.50pm.
venue: E309
p/s : attendance is compulsory!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


hello ve peeps..
k. this is the event of this month! hehe. hope you all will enjoy it!

12-14 JUNE 2007
Bonding camp.
3 days 2 nights
reporting time: E309, 12 June 8.30 am

ok. what you guys need to bring for the camp???
here are the check list!
-landyard and admin card
-pencil/pen and paper
-$$money minimum of $5bucks.
-poncho/umbrella/rain coat
-clothing(4 sets) (unless u want to wear banana leaves....wuahaha)
-Toiletries(shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush)
-sports shoe/covered shoe
-sleeping bag
- * medicine (if any)

so...any things that you all need to know more about the camp can just ask one of us k!

ok. besides the camp thingy...just a reminder over here.
-next week (11/6/2007)we will still have our practice although the next day is the camp!
time and venue is still the same...7pm, Monday, E309
-pls pls....send your timetable to us and f0r nurses...pls send you attachment schedule also (if have) to

ok.that all for the updates...
have a nice day!