Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Les Voix

just a few random pictures. more photos and the video will be burn into a disc to everyone as soon as possible.
Les Voix rocks! =)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Date: 2nd November 2007 (Friday)
Time: 7.30 pm
Venue: NYP Theatre for the Arts (TFA)
Ticketing: FOC (Free Seating)

Les Voix - 'The Voices' in French

Here's some of our repertoire:
Kasar Mie La Gaji
Shall I Compare Thee
Dancing Queen
Seasons of Love
Lion Sleeps Tonight

Plus: Special Items not to be missed

& Many More...

For tickets,
Email us @ or contact Benjamin @ 98315606
While stocks last.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hey guys! I hope you had enough rest after camp yesterday.

Just want to thank you guys for turning up for this camp. The camp will never be a success without you people.

No matter how tough the concert preparations are, let us all put our efforts in to make this a success. Our Concert.

The real work begins now.

Yi Tian

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

To-Bring List for Camp Les Voix (1st - 3rd Oct):

  • 4 sets of clothing
  • Concert 2nd half white top & long pants
  • Undergarments
  • Jacket
  • Toiletries
  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Towel
  • Any other necessary item
  • Footwear
  • Shoes & socks
  • Sandals or slippers

Compulsory Items

  • Scores
  • Pen & Paper
  • Water Bottle

Optional Items

  • Sleeping bag
  • Torches
  • Medicine (if any)

Monday, September 3, 2007

**EDITED (5/9) : Annoucements on 3/9 (if you've missed it) + some additional stuffs

1) First thing first..
Girls who have not taken their measurements, please meet us coming sat, 8th sept, AMK bus interchange (AMKhub), near bus 166 queue, 10.30am. Please be punctual. The girls who will be going at this time are: Shi Pei, Karen, Emily(TBC), Li Dan, Ping Ding

If you can't make it for in the morning, please meet us at 1.30pm, Newton's mrt control station.
Girls going: Cai Yun, (TBC)

The following girls who have not taken your measurements, please contact myself, xiu hui or pauline asap to confirm which slot you can make it: Suee, Winnie, Li Fen, Fazilah, Joyce, Htoo Mon, Jamuna

If you can't make it on either slots, we'll arrange another slot for you again. But as we've said before, we need to speed things up so that the tailor can finish up our gown on time by oct.

Also, please pay xiu hui your gown money!

2) Secondly, combined practices shall be twice a week starting next week
- mon & thurs, 7pm - *10pm

I've heard from some of you and understand that you've work. I know it's tiring, but I hope all of you bear in mind that we've told you beforehand that practices will be twice a week. So, I hope to stress here that please make the effort to turn up for as much practice you can when you can make it. Please bear in mind that by making this efforts to turn up (whether a not you'll be late due to work or lessons - doesn't matter), it affects our progress and big big reminder that concerts is only TWO months away. (We only have 2-3 pracs per week and think about memorising songs, choreography, song shaping - it's a lot of work to do) So try to spare a thought for your poor comm members alright? =) We don't want to have a head of white hair during concert!

If nurses having morning shift from 8 til 4 can make it, I don't see why you can't. If you've early work the next day, tell us before hand and we'll allow you to leave early. I know some of you stayed really far from school.. I really appreciate you guys for turning up for practice. I know practices are so late at night, but I seek your kind understanding for that and bear with it k? We'll organise a big feast after concert k! But, if you are facing problems at any point in time, please do not hestitate to look up any of the comm members. We'll definitely try our best to help you.

Also, please please don't give us 'heart attacks' by replying our msg only last minute. We do not entertain last minute replies. If you know you'll be late or not coming, inform us early. If you're having sore throat, muscle ache or whatever - still make the effort to come.. you can learn songs with your ears right?

I hope you guys understand that we've change fri night's prac to thursday so that more pple can attend. Attendance requirements shall still be 80% at least ( we don't care whether you late a not - only applicable if you've attachment or work or lesson) and SLs shall constantly monitor your progress and performance during prac silently. If you can't attend prac due to oversea trip or outside camp - that is still 'forgivable', but still, we shall look at your performance to decide you should perform a not.

3) Concert Camp: 1st -3rd Oct
Compulsory camp. If you have something on, make arrangements please or you'll be missing out a lot of stuff. An overnight camp. More details when oct looms. Inform us early if you have problems attending the full camp.

4) Sectionals (Very impt)
For the first three-four weeks of sept, I'll have sectionals that'll be held in either mon/wed/thurs noon due to SHS students who are having attachment. The purpose on this is to brush up your parts quickly so that mr ong can quickly start on shaping and we can do choreography. Sectionals are drawn out based on the nurse's attachment schedule - so nurses, please try to attend. Slots will vary for different sections but I've tried to make most of the slots fall in the same day as practice.

(1st) This week: Please bring Kasar & Leng gang scores

Wed 5/9 - S1,S2 and T sectionals: 4-6 pm, wait outside e309
Absentees - Karen, Emily, Gerald

Thursday 6/9 - Alto: 4-6 pm, outside e309
(Sectionals for Basses are cancelled - however, your sectionals is still on next mon)**
Absentees - Lifen, Yong Hong

2nd Week:

Mon 10/9:
S1 Sectionals: 1-3pm, level 4 clubroom
Absentees - Suee

Alto & Basses: 4-6pm, outside e309

Wed 12/9:
Chili con carne: 4-7 pm, club room
Absentee: Li fen

Thursday 13/9:
S2 & Tenor: 4-6 pm, e309
Absentee: Li Dan

3rd & 4th week:
17/9 Mon
Altos and Tenors sectionals - 3-6pm, e309

19/9 Wed
Chili con carne - 3-6pm, clubroom

20/9 Thurs
S1 + S2 + Basses sectionals - 3-6pm, e309

5) Impt dates
Camp Les Voix - 1 - 3rd Oct
Lunch Time Concert - 31 Oct
Les Voix Concert - 2 Nov
Community Service Carolling - 18 Dec
Choral Exchange - TBC
Outing- TBC

6) Meeting with concert sub comm members starts next week. Please be prepare to turn up (most probably mon/wed/thurs noon)

That's all. Please inform me before hand if you can't make it for one of the sectionals & prac (if your name is not stated above) at least 2 days in advance.

Yi Tian

Friday, August 24, 2007

Yo people! I hope exams are still fine. =)

Anyway, I got a couple of concerts here coming up (after exams).. so if you're interested, tell me next prac yeah?

A-Cappella Festival 2007 by The A Cappella Society
4 Sep 7.30pm5 Sep 3pm & 8pm.
$35, $30, $25;$15 for 3pm show only.
Victoria Theatre

The 2007 A Cappella Festival will showcase a kaleidoscope of talent from the very young to the professional. In its 5th installment, this annual musical buffet provides a platform presenting the veterans in the community like Key Elements, nanu and Equivox plus past National Champion winners.

Directed by Vincent Pang, the 2007 programme aims to mold a-cappella music with video and digital images to the theme of "Sonic Landscapes". Plus, this year will include for the first time an afternoon show for kids targeting primary and early secondary school kids, giving them an opportunity to experience a live concert.

Be entertained in the genres of classical a-cappella, pop, jazz, R&B and hip hop a-cappella, as well as rap, from guest groups SJ Tone (Korea) and Wicked Pitches (Malaysia), plus Nanu (all female), Key Elements (Jazz), Tic Tac Tone, The Singers (Classical), Equivox (Pop), TAG, TAS Youth Voices, TAS Ensemble, National Winners 2007, Pasir Ris Primary School Choir, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School Choir.

More info:

9 ix 07; 1930h
Esplanade Concert Hall

The SYC Ensemble Singers explore the darkly dramatic worlds of
Spanish poetry and dance. From the lyricism of Basque verse
to the surrealism of Lorca, from son and bossa nova to tango,
the Spaniard in all of us is given emotional expression through
the music of Rautavaara, Margutti, Russo, Grau, Valera and
Piazzolla-Zentner. Join us as we sing of black ponies and red
moons, and vocally dance the night away.

$16, $19, $23, $27 (inc. SISTIC fee)
Tickets are available from SISTIC
Hotline: 6348 5555 /

More info:

Okie dokies! All the best for rest of your exams.
See ya next week!

Yi Tian

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Heya guys =)

Just a reminder that there'll be no practice starting from next week due to exams. The first practice after exams will be 3rd September, Monday, 7.30pm @ e309.

For juniors (girls) who's helping out in concert as sub-committee for wardrobe, please do not forget to turn up this Sat, 11 August, 12pm @ AMK MRT control station. We'll be heading down to thomson road to select the cloth for our choir gowns. As for the rest, you are very much welcome to join us this weekend, including guys (cos some guy seniors will be coming too). Please bring extra cash cos we will be having lunch before heading to the place. Haha.. maybe dinner/outing after that.. so please inform us if you wanna come!

As I've mentioned before during announcements, practices will be twice a week (Mondays and Fridays) starting from the month of september til concert in november. And most importantly, we'll be taking attendance really seriously this time - if anyone fails to fulfil the 80% attendance, the ve comm has the right to strike your name off concert performance. However, if you had valid reasons - taking into account that you've learnt your parts well and taken note of what you've missed, we'll still allow you to perform.

I hope to see that each and everyone of you exercise responsibility. Always respond to our messages. If you missed one of our practices, find out what you've missed. Like to emphasize that we aren't a cca that allows you to come-and-go-as-you-like. If that's your mind-set, kindly change it or we'll have to ask you to leave.

Also, I do not tolerate members who go missing for a long time without responding to none of our msgs. If you wish to quit, simply call us straight and say so. Please do not beat around the bush and come up with excuses one after that other - Stop wasting yours and our time & efforts.

Also, concert camp will be on 1st - 3rd October. (Yup, it's an overnight camp) Please mark it down on your calendars and this is a compulsory one cos we'll be doing drilling of concert pieces plus choreography!

Other activities lined up for you this year (To be confirmed):
- community service cum x'mas carolling
- lunchtime concert
- outings!

That's all. Good luck to all for semestral exams! =)


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sectional practice.

hi peeps!
Start from July, we will start our sectional practice from next week onwards.
the attendance is compulsory. so please come to practice k!
Every Monday practice will also be as usual.
hope to see you guys on every Monday and Wednesday !
Please remind your friend to come to practice also.
see ya!
sectional practice.
Time: Every Wednesday, 3.30pm-5.50pm.
venue: E309
p/s : attendance is compulsory!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


hello ve peeps..
k. this is the event of this month! hehe. hope you all will enjoy it!

12-14 JUNE 2007
Bonding camp.
3 days 2 nights
reporting time: E309, 12 June 8.30 am

ok. what you guys need to bring for the camp???
here are the check list!
-landyard and admin card
-pencil/pen and paper
-$$money minimum of $5bucks.
-poncho/umbrella/rain coat
-clothing(4 sets) (unless u want to wear banana leaves....wuahaha)
-Toiletries(shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush)
-sports shoe/covered shoe
-sleeping bag
- * medicine (if any)

so...any things that you all need to know more about the camp can just ask one of us k!

ok. besides the camp thingy...just a reminder over here.
-next week (11/6/2007)we will still have our practice although the next day is the camp!
time and venue is still the same...7pm, Monday, E309
-pls pls....send your timetable to us and f0r nurses...pls send you attachment schedule also (if have) to

ok.that all for the updates...
have a nice day!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Dahil Sa Iyo

Dahil Sa'yo (Because of you)
Nais kong mabuhay (I want to live)
Dahil Sa'yo(Because of you)
Hanggang mamatay(for the rest of my life)

Dapat mong tantuin(You should know)
Wala nang ibang giliw(There's no other love)
Puso ko'y tanungin(Ask my heart)
Ikaw at ikaw rin(There's you and only you)

Dahil sa'yo(Because of you)
Ako'y lumigaya(I've become happy)
Ay alayan ka(Is what I offer to you)
Kung tunay man ako(If it's true that I...)
ay alipinin mo(...will be enslaved by you)
Ang lahat sa buhay ko'y(Everything in my life's)
Dahil sa'yo(Because of you)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The result are out!! check it out!

Welcome to Voice Ensemble!!!
Name: Admin No. Section Assigned School

Kau Shi Pei 072488Y Sop 1 SCL

Tan Shuee 073475K Sop 1 SHS

Tan Yuan Li Jenna 075282M Sop 1 SHS

Pat Yi Qing 072401E Sop 1 SIT

Yoa Hui Ying Kelly 072946K Sop 2 SBM

Karen Teo 072845D Sop 2 SCL

Cao Lei 070021F Sop 2 SEG

Sheng Li Ping 070465N Sop 2 SEG

Lim Rui Yi 075344R Sop 2 SHS

Cheryl Chia 071763M Sop 2 SIT

Joey Teo 063067P Sop 2 SIT

Vanessa Edward 072120Y Sop 2 SIT

Htoo Mon Baw Swe 073767U Alto 1 SEG

Myat Chann Nyein Su 073754N Alto 1 SEG

Sheryl Tan 074912X Alto 1 SEG

Leandra Quek 073476D Alto 1 SIT

Peh Ru Feng 071027M Alto 1 SIT

Lu Yi Xi 070464Y Alto 2 SEG

Wang Shu Yue 060505F Alto 2 SHS

Melissa Wong 062217R Alto 2 SIT

Gerald Chua 072913M Tenor 1 SCL

Matthias Soh 063209T Tenor 1 SDN

Zhou Shuai Xun 070969D Tenor 1 SIT

Joshua Tan 072133B Tenor 2 SBM

Seah Wan Hin 070395Y Tenor 2 SHS

Hilary David Teo 073388P Bass 1 SBM

Jeffrey Leong Tuck Seng 070648Y Bass 1 SHS

Poh Zhi Hao, Jason 071647S Bass 2 SIT

thank you you all for coming to the audition cum orientation. hope you guys enjoy yrself with us and also with the others.

we will have a practice this coming monday.
we hope to see you on this coming monday,
date : 30th April.

time : 7.00pm - 10.00 pm.
venue : E 309, block E

UpComing Events:
May: lunch time concert
June : Camp

You can also bring along your friends to join us this monday if they haven't join Voice Ensemble. see you!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Club Crawl 07

- Soprano - Alto - Tenor - Bass -
Come join us! A bunch of fun loving singers as we embarked a journey through Choral Singing! =)

Date: 18th and 19th April 2007
Time: 11am - 4pm
Venue: NYP Sports Hall

Come visit our booth and sign up!
Catch our ensemble's performance at 3.15pm on 18th April!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

A warm welcome to our site. =)

To start off our blog, let me just bring forth a concert that I will recommend you guys not to miss.

Anderson Junior College Choir

Gain exposure to choral music by listening to one of the local's most acclaimed jc choirs led by Mr Nelson Kwei. For years, the choir has clinched awards, be it SYF Central Judging of Choirs or Choir Olympics.

In this concert, be dazzled by the tunes by Eric Whitacre and Ko Matsushita as their sounds resonant the great acoustics of esplanade.
Click on picture for more details.