Sunday, April 13, 2008

*swepts away the spiderwebs*


Okay peeps.. time to wipe away your sian looks.

Maybe this liao jiao here shall crap a bit and update you guys out there about what has happened so far =).

So? With the pass down of VE 12th committee, what on earth has happened to us?

VE practice is still on as usual (every mon nights: 7pm to 10pm) with us learning new songs - very interesting songs like "Little Red Riding Hood", "Introduccion to Angel", Gavotte! and many more...

"Little black, yellow riding hoods... XD"

On 3th April, we just had our first choral exchange with Consonance - a choral group that was previously the NYJC choir alumni, now led by Mr Greg Chen and Mr Benedict Goh. To me, it was a really fun experience.. especially the games part where we have to play "Murderer" & "Cat and Mouse".

Then comes the learning of song part where we sang Gavotte! The blending of parts was really nice when both ve and consonance sang! Goshgoshgosh.. I'll definitely look forward to collaborating with them in their annual concert this year? Let hope Mr Ong and new committee manage to 'convince' them?

So what's the new comm busy with?

Club Crawl:
17 & 18 April 2008
Sports Hall
We'll be performing but not sure of the slots.. maybe new comm will update about this.
Do drop by our booth also! We've got lucky dip for members with sign up! *Yumyum*

"Heys!! We Want YA!"

Orientation & Audition:
21 April 2008
E308 n E309
If you miss us during club crawl, don't worry! Just come for this!
Why lei?
1) Got free food (finger food la)
2) Got fun games
3) Meet US and new people like U!
4) Get to meet great Mr Ong! hahahaha.. (our conductor)

If you're still hestitate about joining us, do feel free to come by for this and our first practice on 28/4 to experience how it's like to be part of us!

Kkk.. its just not about singing. We've very sporty people... can meet for swimming/exercise every week one can..

Sometimes even so siao about singing that we go Kbox.

Mr Ong even joined us recently! Goshgosh.. listen to his voice can melt man..
Someone.. upload the video here! hahaha..

If you think that we're some boring choir group, you're wrong.
Music without harmonies can be real boring sometimes..
Sing with us and understand why chords can be so great that they give goosebumps.
(I still love singing 'Seasons of love' though we sing it freaking many times but I still love the harmonisation)
You don't have to be a pro vocalist/experienced chorister to join us.

If you've the passion but is afraid to let it out - don't worry..

You have us!

Cos through singing, we bond =).

Don't sing alone in toilets! You've many people to sing loudly with you when you go home - not caring about how crazy you are. Got parts somemore!

In case you're wondering, there's lots of performances lined up for us this year.. (both indoors and outside school).. Annual concerts, choral exchanges, x'mas carolling.. I'm sure the new comm's got more up in hand.. So stay tuned! =)

ET aka Yi Tian