Tuesday, June 5, 2007


hello ve peeps..
k. this is the event of this month! hehe. hope you all will enjoy it!

12-14 JUNE 2007
Bonding camp.
3 days 2 nights
reporting time: E309, 12 June 8.30 am

ok. what you guys need to bring for the camp???
here are the check list!
-landyard and admin card
-pencil/pen and paper
-$$money minimum of $5bucks.
-poncho/umbrella/rain coat
-clothing(4 sets) (unless u want to wear banana leaves....wuahaha)
-Toiletries(shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush)
-sports shoe/covered shoe
-sleeping bag
- * medicine (if any)

so...any things that you all need to know more about the camp can just ask one of us k!

ok. besides the camp thingy...just a reminder over here.
-next week (11/6/2007)we will still have our practice although the next day is the camp!
time and venue is still the same...7pm, Monday, E309
-pls pls....send your timetable to us and f0r nurses...pls send you attachment schedule also (if have) to thenypsound@gmail.com

ok.that all for the updates...
have a nice day!

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