Monday, April 30, 2012


So VE went through some changes and we have a new conductor who is Mr. Benedict Goh! Here are the songs we learnt with the new conductor:
El grillo
Ave Maria
Don't stop Believin'


Planned events:
1) Clubcrawl - Mid April

2) Collaborate with some ensemble... (Idk who people who were present pls tell me haha. June?)

3) Choral ABRSM. (Late july?)

4) Exchanges with TP choir?

5) Jubilate camp in m'sia with various choirs/instructors. Intense singing camp, late Dec?

6) Go watch choir concerts tgt!!

The recent event: NUSS Singathon
Details for exchange -
Date: 10th March (Saturday)
Time: 1-4pm
Venue: NUSS Guild House Ballroom
Order of performance:
1. El Grillo
2. Ave Maria
3. Tegami

Though there are only about 15 of us remained in the choir, VE managed to "survive" till now, and is better now, and will only get better and better in the future!

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